1 Angel Square – The Co-operative Group Head Office

One Angel Square - Manchester

1 Angel Square is The Co-op’s head office and support centre in Manchester.

When Her Majesty The Queen officially opened 1 Angel Square in November 2013, it was declared the most environmentally-friendly building in the world.  The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM), an internationally acclaimed system of assessing buildings, gave 1 Angel Square a score of 95.16% - the highest ever awarded.

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About the building

The building’s many environmentally friendly features include:

  • 1 Angel Square has its own source of heat and power generation which means the building can give power back to the national grid
  • Heat recovery from the IT systems that will also help to heat the building
  • Low energy LED lighting and IT equipment
  • A twin skin façade that acts as a ‘duvet’ to insulate the offices in the winter and ventilate it in the summer
  • A soaring atrium that generates light by flooding the building with natural sunlight, reducing the artificial lighting by almost half
  • Rainwater recycling systems for toilet flushing and irrigation
  • A flexible working policy was introduced, which includes the option to work remotely (which both reduces the amount of desk space needed and has a positive environmental impact due to reduced travel requirements), whilst a digital storage policy reduced the amount of paper the business used.  If the Group had continued using the same amount of paper after moving in to 1 Angel Square as it did previously, an additional four stories would need to be added to the building for storage alone.  As a result there is also no longer paper mail delivered to the building

1 Angel Square is phase one of NOMA, a 50/50 partnership between The Co-op and Hermes Real Estate which over the next 10 years will create a 20 acres mixed-use district in the heart of Manchester. Find out more about NOMA.