Our democratic structure

The Co-operative Group is jointly owned by millions of UK consumers who have the opportunity to have a say in how we do business. Member can vote in elections and on motions at our General Meetings, which gives them a direct say in the future of the Group.

For example Members can vote on anything from who should be on our board to motions on how we should change the business. Members can also suggest their own motions to be voted by fellow Members at our General Meetings.

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Governance Structure

Executive Management Team

The Co-operative Group Executive Management Team (or sometimes known as Senior Management) are the highest level of management who have the day-to-day responsibilities of managing The Co-operative Group. The Group Board hold the executive management to account.

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Group Board

The Co-operative Group Board can normally have between 7 and 12 people. They oversee the overall strategy of The Co-operative Group and hold the Executive Management team to account. 

All Directors are expected to meet the high standards of competence appropriate with the needs of a business of the scale and complexity of the Group. Additionally, all Directors must demonstrate a commitment to Co-operative Values and Principles. Any member of the Group can put themselves forward as a Member Nominated Director, they just need to have been a member for three years and meet the relevant eligibly criteria.

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The Council

The Council represent members and act as guardian of the Group’s Purpose, Values and Principles and the Society’s Constitution, with the power to hold the Group Board to account. Once elected Council Members can serve a term of up three years before requiring re-election.

The Council is composed of a maximum of 100 Members and is made up of individual members, employee members and representatives of the independent society members.