Redemption notice to bondholders

September 18, 2013

Co-operative Group Limited (the Issuer)

(Incorporated in England and Wales under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts 1965 to 2003 with registered number IP525R)

Notice to the holders of those of the £200,000,000 5.875 per cent. Notes due 2013 of the Issuer presently outstanding (ISIN XS0168572971 / Common Code 16857297) (the Noteholders and the Notes respectively)

Given pursuant to condition 4(d) of the terms and conditions of the notes

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the holders of the above Notes, pursuant to Condition 4(d) of the Terms and Conditions of the Notes, of the redemption of all of the Notes as follows:

  • Redemption Date:  21 October 2013
  • Redemption Price: 100.869 per cent. (plus interest accrued to (but excluding) the Redemption Date)
  • Method for calculating the Redemption Price:  

    Benchmark Gilt:  United Kingdom 5 per cent. Gilt Stock due September 2014 (ISIN GB0031829509)

    Calculation Date:  13 September 2013

    Gross Redemption Yield at 3.00 p.m. (London time) on the Calculation Date on the Benchmark Gilt:  0.382 per cent.

This Notice is given to the Noteholders by:

Co-operative Group Limited

10th Floor
1 Angel Square
M60 0AG

For further information, please contact: Roger Morgan, Treasurer: / 08437 511953