The Co-operative bounds into the Pet Insurance market

December 14, 2010

The Co-operative Insurance has strengthened its customer proposition with the launch of a new, affordable pet insurance product.

From today, The Co-operative Insurance, will be offering dog and cat owners the peace of mind that if their animal is ill or injured, at home or abroad, their treatment will be covered.

Prices start from £10.69 per month for dog cover and £6.32 for cat cover with policies bought online benefiting from an additional 15% discount.

Two types of cover are available:

  • The Classic cover option is designed for pet owners looking for essential cover for their pet and pays out up to £2,000 for any illness or injury sustained for 12 months after the condition is first identified.
  • The Select Plus option offers a more comprehensive insurance where each new illness or injury is covered throughout the pets life, regardless of age or how long the condition lasts - as long as the policy is renewed each year.

Policyholders have the option to add on optional bundles*:

  • The Additional Benefits bundle covers a range of eventualities such as holiday cancellation and loss, theft or straying of the pet.
  • The Pet Travel bundle covers emergency vet’s fees, emergency repatriation and quarantine expenses.

Lee Mooney, Head of Pet Insurance at The Co-operative Insurance, said: “Unfortunately the majority of vet fees are an unexpected and unplanned for expense which can leave many pet owners extremely worried at what is already a distressing time when their pet is unwell.

“The new product provides an affordable, comprehensive cover with a range of flexible add on bundles so that policyholders are able to tailor the policy to meet individual needs and requirements.” 

The new pet insurance product complements The Co-operative Group’s leading position with regards to animal welfare, which has the following credentials:

  • In 2008 The Co-operative Group was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the RSPCA for leadership on animal welfare issues
  • The Co-operative Food was the first UK supermarket to ban animal testing on own brand toiletries
  • In 2009 The Co-operative Bank declined finance from businesses worth an estimated £1.1m in income as these businesses did not meet our Animal Welfare ethical policy which states that we will not provide finance or services for organisations involved in animal exploitation for cosmetic or household purposes.
  • The Co-operative Bank will decline organisations involved in the exploitation of great apes for experimental or commercial purposes
  • The Co-operative Group has a commitment to support businesses or organisations that promote higher animal welfare standards
  •  In 2009 The Co-operative Asset Management tabled nine shareholder resolutions related to animal welfare concerns, all of which were supported.

With the addition of a new pet insurance product, The Co-operative Insurance now offers a comprehensive range of insurance products including; Motor, Home, Travel, Pet and Breakdown.

The Co-operative Pet Insurance is available online at or by calling 0800 294 1021.


The Co-operative Pet Insurance Key Product Features
  Classic Select Plus (life cover)
Vet Fees Cover £2,000 £5,000
Complimentary treatment   £750
Free Legal Helpline Yes Yes
Third party liability (optional -dogs only) £1m £1m
Additional Benefits (Bundle)    
Death from illness or injury £1500 £1500
Holiday cancellation £2,000 £2,000
Loss by theft or straying £1,000 £1,000
Advertising & reward £1,000 £1,000
Boarding fees £1,000 £1,000
Pet travel Cover (Bundle)    
Emergency vet fees £2,000 £5,000
Advertising & reward Up to £300 per year Up to £300 per year
Emergency Repatriation Up to £500 per year Up to £500 per year
Quarantine expenses Up to £1500 per year Up to £1500 per year


For further information please contact

Jenna Moss / Catherine Laycock
The Co-operative Financial Services Press Office
Tel: 0161 903 3831 / 3833
Email : /
Twitter: @CFSpressteam


Notes to editors:

* The Co-operative Pet Insurance is provided by Allianz Insurance Plc
Classic and Select Plus

Minimum age for insured cat/dog: 6 weeks
Maximum age of animal to process new customer policy: Cat - 10 years, Dog: 8 years (5 years or over for Select dog breeds)

Select Dog Breeds: All Mastiff breeds, Bernese Mountain Dog, Beauceron, Bulldog, Deerhound, Estrela Mountain Dog, Dogue de Bordeaux, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Leonberger, Newfoundland, Old English Sheep Dog, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Rottweiler, Shar Pei and St Bernard.

Breeds we don’t insure: Any dog that is, or is crossed with, a Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Perro De Presa Canario, Dogo Canario, Japanese Tosa, Fila Brasileiro, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Saarloos Wolfhound/Wolfdog or any wolf hybrid.

Activities we do not insure: Dogs used for security, guarding, track racing or coursing.


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About Allianz

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