Daughters come top of the class when it comes to their Dads

June 14, 2010

Men know less about their father’s early life than their sisters according to a new survey issued today (14 June) by The Co-operative.

Only a third of sons know where their dad proposed to their mum compared to more than half of the women surveyed as part of a new campaign for The Co-operative Wills and Funeral Planning.

Indeed boys know less than girls on a series of issues relating to their father including: where he was born; his first job and whether he was present at their birth.

One area where sons know more than daughters is the make of their father’s first car. Three in five boys know the details of their dad’s first motor while only half of girls can name his first set of wheels.

Adeline Bibby, Marketing Manager for The Co-operative Life Planning, said: “As we approach Father’s Day we should all try and find out as much as we can about our dads.

“People are extremely interested in their heritage and looking up their family tree but do not always know much about their living relatives, especially their father.

“We want to urge people to find out more about their dads and Father’s Day on 20th June is the perfect time to sit down over a meal and talk to your dad about his life and his childhood memories so that they are not lost or forgotten with the passing of generations.

“One thing is for certain, we’re all going to die at some point and it is really important that we pass on family memories so that we don’t lose the skills and experiences our family members have achieved. A more practical way of passing on what’s important is by writing a Will and arranging a Funeral Plan so that your family’s life and experiences are remembered exactly as they would want them to be.”

For more information, go to www.youramazinglife.co.uk.

Survey results:


Yes No Yes No
Do you know where your dad was born? 94% 6% 95% 5%
Do you know what your dad’s first job was? 83% 17% 85% 15%
Do you know what your dad’s first car was? 61% 39% 57% 43%
Do you know where/how your dad met your mum? 82% 18% 90% 10%
Do you know how your dad proposed to your mum? 33% 67% 51% 49%
Do you know if your dad was present at your birth? 85% 15% 90% 10%
Do you know if your dad ever played a musical instrument?  73% 27% 71% 29%
Do you have trouble thinking what to buy your dad for birthdays and Christmas? 58% 42% 57% 43%
Do you know what you will buy your dad for this Father’s Day in June? 49% 51% 54% 46%

 *The Co-operative Wills and Funeral Planning conducted an Internet poll of 960 recipients in May 2010.