Make the most of your grandparents and discover their amazing lives

October 01, 2010

Both grandparents and grandchildren want to bridge the generation gap and find out more about each other according to new research issued today (1 October) by The Co-operative Wills and Funeral Planning.

Over four fifths (84 per cent) wish they knew their grandparents better whilst a similar number of grandparents (83 per cent) would also like nothing more than to sit down with their grandchildren to pass on some of their incredible stories and skills.

With National Grandparents Day only two days away on Sunday (3 October), The Co-operative Wills and Funeral Planning is urging people to make it a really special day for talking to their grandparents and finding out about their lives.

The research shows that grandchildren know very little about their grandparent’s lives with one in four admitting they know nothing about their grandparents at all.

Similarly, almost two in five grandparents do not take time out to spend with their grandchildren despite 50 per cent of them planning to pass life skills, such as parenting and homemaking, on to the younger generation at some point.

According to a quarter of grandchildren, life skills are the most valuable skills they want to learn from their grandparents.

“There is clearly a generation gap”, says Ian Mackie, Managing Director of The Co-operative Wills and Funeral Planning.

“Sadly, we often only find out about our grandparents lives after their have gone, when it’s too late to talk to them. Grandparents are such a valuable source of wisdom and have seen and experienced so many amazing things and it’s really important that we talk to them to find out what wonderful lives they have led.

“We have discovered that four fifth of grandparents want to be thought of, above all else, as being fun to be with. Life is fun and is full of so many exciting opportunities and that is why it is so important for people to talk to their grandparents and discover all about their amazing lives and what makes them who they are.”

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