Co-operative Pharmacy partners with Bupa home healthcare

May 29, 2012

-  Pharmacy extends outpatient dispensing service; Home healthcare offering launched with Bupa -

The Co-operative Pharmacy and Bupa Home Healthcare have entered into a new partnership which will see The Co-operative Pharmacy extending its hospital outpatient dispensing offering.

The partnership will deliver benefits to both patients and Hospital Trusts and means that in addition to offering an on-site hospital dispensary for outpatients, medication can be delivered and administered to patients at home. Nursing care and community focused healthcare services, including tailored medication adherence support programmes, can also be provided in conjunction with Bupa Home Healthcare.

The high quality, efficient operating model developed by the two healthcare businesses offers patients the highest levels of care and convenience and means that there is the option for medicines to be administered in comfortable, more familiar surroundings. 

In addition to reducing the need for repeat visits to the hospital, the service will help to significantly reduce waiting times at the on-site dispensary, realise financial benefits for Trusts, and potentially reduce hospital re-admissions.

Mandeep Mudhar, Head of Business Development, The Co-operative Pharmacy said: ‘We are delighted to be able to expand our outpatient dispensing service in conjunction with Bupa Home Healthcare. This exciting partnership means we can provide an even more comprehensive service that will improve patient care and add value to hospital Trusts. As a co-operative business, it is important to us to partner with a company that has values and principles that are aligned to our own.”

Steve Flanagan, Managing Director, Bupa Home Healthcare, said: “As hospitals look to meet tough efficiency targets, it’s essential to provide innovative and cost efficient solutions to make life easier for patients and hospital staff.  I’m delighted we can join forces with The Co-operative Pharmacy to provide a service to dispense medication not only on the hospital site, but also the delivery of medication to the home to really make life easier for patients.”

The partnership arrangement will see the home healthcare service offered as part of new hospital outpatient dispensing contracts provided by The Co-operative Pharmacy.


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  • About Bupa Home Healthcare
  • Bupa Home Healthcare provides specialist care to patients in their own home
  • We provide home healthcare services to 15,000 patients
  • We employ approximately 500 nurses and healthcare support workers
  • Services include delivery of medication to patients homes and home nursing support across a range of therapies
  • Our nurses care for people throughout the UK and work with more than 200 NHS Trusts

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