Smokers’ friendships go up in smoke

March 12, 2013

The secret to quitting smoking is to stub out friendships as well as cigarettes if people are to succeed in giving up, according to new research.

A study by The Co-operative Pharmacy* has revealed that almost one in five smokers (19 per cent), avoids their friends who tempt them to smoke as well as socialising in pubs to help them break the habit.

More than two out of five smokers say that when they make the tough decision to try and stop smoking they receive no support or help from friends or family (41 per cent).

And one in four smokers (25 per cent) said that they end up smoking again because friends tempt them to light up. Smokers also blamed their peers for getting them to take up smoking in the first place and two out of three (67 per cent) admitted to starting the habit at school with a further one in four saying they started at university.

Geordies were the most likely to be influenced by their peers to start the habit while one in ten Scots (10 per cent) had a love interest they wanted to impress by smoking.

Scots were also the most likely to be tempted by friends to start smoking again while trying to give up. One in five Scots tried to avoid the pub and their friends to ensure they succeeded in quitting.

The research also highlighted that the cost of smoking is the main reason people decide to quit.  However, one in three (32 per cent) wanted to give up for health reasons.

Social smokers said the smoking ban and being unable to smoke in pubs was a key factor in stubbing out for good.

Fiona Caplan-Dean, Clinical Services Manager at The Co-operative Pharmacy, said: “Making the decision to stop smoking is not an easy step to take so having someone there for support can mean the difference between people staying motivated or failing at their first attempt. 

“Unfortunately, for some, the only way that they feel they can maintain their willpower and reduce the temptation to smoke is to avoid social situations, and some friends.  There are a range of professionals in the community, including pharmacists, GPs and stop smoking advisers who are ready to support those who want to give up and help individuals find a way that works best for them.”

Top five regions / countries whose friends and family gave the least support to smokers trying to give up:

1. West Midlands
2. Northern Ireland
3. Wales
4. East Anglia
5. South East

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The Co-operative Pharmacy is supporting the Department of Health’s Quit Kit campaign.  NHS Quit Kits are available in pharmacies across England, which smokers can pick up for free. Quit Kits have already helped thousands of smokers across England quit.

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*One Poll interviewed a random sample of 2,000 smokers online.  Surveys were conducted among adults across all ages and regions of the UK. A total of 1565 smokers had tried to quit before. 

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