Stevenage Co-operative Pharmacy staff help man who falls on ice

January 13, 2010

Staff at one of The Co-operative Pharmacy’s Stevenage branches came to the rescue of a passer-by when he slipped on the ice and hit is head during the ‘big freeze’ last week.

After being alerted to the incident by a customer, supervisor, Sue Spicer, called an ambulance as the man had fallen over a low wall, injured his head and was losing blood.

Dispensing assistant, Sarah Day, calmly followed the instructions of the emergency services operator and alongside pharmacist, Hiral Patel, waited with the injured individual and made sure he was comfortable until the ambulance arrived.

As additional staff looked after the Broadwater Crescent branch, Sarah and Hiral minimised the patient’s blood loss and provided blankets to keep him warm.

Hiral said: “We were just glad to have been on hand to help until the ambulance service took over. Most credit should go to Sarah who was extremely composed and efficient. It was a cold 20 minutes while we waited but then it was back to the branch and business as usual.”