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Co-op in the community - Longton

Our store on Heathcote Street in Stoke-on-Trent is built on the car park of a pub. The pub and shop together have become a focal point for the community, giving them a place to pick up a pint of milk after their pint of beer. We chose the site because local people didn’t have access to wide range of products and often had to travel to do their shopping elsewhere.

Our shop opened in early 2016 and stocks a wide range of everyday essentials, including fruit and veg, British meat and poultry and bakery products.

Community focus
Since opening, the store team have been really involved with the local community. They have been doing a lot of fundraising for the British Red Cross and recently invited a reception class from the local primary school to come and find out more about healthy eating. They are also currently working with customers and members to identify which local charities need their support over the coming months.

What do locals think?

"Having this here is a brilliant addition to the community. It can be here for the elderly people in the flats who can't drive. They've got somewhere to go now to do their shopping with ease. It's a brilliant place for the Co-op to be. Building it on the car park will help to bring more business to both the pub and the shop." – Keith Smith, Longton resident
"The location is great for the elderly people in the area who can do all their weekly shopping here .If they can't drive, they might have struggled with doing their shopping before." – Angela Harvey, Fenton