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Finding new sites



We have ambitious plans to expand our convenience store estate across the UK. We're going to open 100 shops in 2016 and over 100 in 2017 and beyond. We will consider all locations, both leaseholds and freeholds, as well as existing groups and businesses. We’re competitive, happy to retain introducing agents and our team of regional acquisitions managers are quick to respond to all enquiries.


  • Up to 10,000 square foot gross
  • Ample outdoor space for deliveries
  • Open A1 food retail potential
  • On-site or on-street parking
  • Leaseholds or freeholds
  • New developments or walk-in opportunities
  • Existing businesses or groups


  • Over 3,000 residents in the local area
  • Suburban, community or city centre locations
  • Easily accessible and visible from the road
  • Close to transport hubs, schools or other shops