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Half year property update

We opened 30 new shops in the first half of the year, investing over £22 million and creating around 500 jobs for local people. We’ve also signed 60 contracts, making sure that we’ve got a strong new store programme for next year and beyond.

But we’re not stopping there. By the end of 2016 we’ll have opened 100 new shops and refitted 152 more. A grand total of 600 shops will have the iconic cloverleaf logo above the door by the end of the year.

A new membership offer
The Co-op is owned by its members, not investors or shareholders. That's what makes us different. From September members will receive a 5% reward for any purchases they make of Co-op own brand products and services, with a further 1% directly benefiting local causes.

Looking forward
We have ambitious plans to expand our convenience store estate across the UK. We plan to open 100 shops this year and over 100 in 2017 and beyond, more than any other food retailer. We consider all locations, both leaseholds and freeholds, as well as existing groups and businesses. We’re competitive, happy to retain introducing agents and our team of  acquisitions managers are quick to respond to all enquiries