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Environmental engagement

We recognise that there are limits to the energy sources that we use to run our business and that, as a sustainable, co-operative organisation, we have an obligation to protect the environment on which we all depend.
If you want to learn more, take a look at our sustainability performance report. 

Recycling our waste

None of our stores’ waste goes to landfill sites. Instead, it is sent back to depots and is recycled, or disposed of via anaerobic digestion, a process by which microscopic organisms break down waste material.


Saving energy, cutting carbon emissions

We’ve reduced carbon emissions by 40% over the past 10 years and are coming close to reducing energy usage by the same amount. Almost all of the energy we use comes from green sources, with 5% of what we use coming from one of our three wind farms.


Intelligent heating systems

We can now control in-store heating remotely, allowing us to use up to 14% less fuel. The system monitors internal and external temperatures, along with store opening times, to ensure that heat is only being used when and where it’s needed.


A focus on fridges

We are adding doors on to the fridges in many of our stores, reducing energy usage by as much as 40%. We’ve also introduced Energy Management Systems across the majority of our estate, allowing alterations and repairs to be carried out remotely.


Considerate contractors

As a business we carefully audit what our contractors are doing to make sure they are behaving in a socially responsible way. We make sure that residents are aware of what’s going on, that noise levels are regulated and that there is minimal impact on local businesses.