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'The Pollinator' - our FREE iPhone game

Our free iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch game - ‘The Pollinator’ - is available to download from iTunes now!



Download 'The Pollinator', our free game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

'The Pollinator' is a bee sent back from the future to save bees from extinction.

Your challenge is to move through three outdoor scenes - countryside, garden and urban - collecting as many bees as you can.

Just like bees in real life need to avoid danger, you must avoid hazards, such as wasps, rain and Varroa mites. To do this, you will have to make full use of the touch screen to help 'The Pollinator' fly above or drop below upcoming hazards.

Collect golden bees to give you a speed boost so you can blast through hazards and collect more bees before the time runs out. Failing to avoid hazards will slow you down, and prevent you from collecting enough bees to unlock the next level.