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In action: Comberbatch Primary School

23/12/2013 by Green Schools

As regional winners of our ‘What’s YOUR Green Schools Revolution’ competition in 2012, Comberbatch Primary School in Cheshire have obviously got the hang of being a sustainable school.

We asked Mrs Gregory, their Garden Project Leader, to give us some more info about their projects.

“Following the successful establishment of our Kitchen Garden Project last year, Green Schools Revolution Week was a great opportunity to further our pupils’ understanding of conserving our planet’s resources through sustainable food growing practices.

“Lots of classes got involved, including our after school gardening club who learnt about Fairtrade. They squeezed, measured and tasted oranges, and discussed what income African orage farmers need to have a fair wage.

“Meanwhile Year 1 pupils took part in Green Schools Revolution’s ‘Biodiversity Tuesday’, identifying birds in the Kitchen Garden and Reception. Ppupils helped fill and plant up the new recycled pallet garden.”

Mr Gregory explained that the prize fund had been a tremendous boost to Comberbatch’s Kitchen Garden Project, providing a covered potting area where pupils benefit from hand-on learning whilst growing their own food. She said it had further enhanced pupils’ curriculum learning, bringing them into direct contact with their natural environment.

Enter your school into the Green Schools Revolution annual competition and you too could be realising your green dreams! Read more details and download the entry form.

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