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From Farm to Fork at Goole welcomes its 15,000th visitor

22/05/2013 by Green Schools



Our From Farm to Fork programme at Goole hit a milestone this week with one Yorkshire pupil becoming the 15,000th child to visit the farm to discover the great outdoors!

The lucky pupil joined the rest of their class from Broadacre Primary School in Kingston upon Hull to celebrate the occasion by cooking up healthy pizzas and spelling out the number 15,000 using pizza topping ingredients, including peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and courgettes.

Adlington Grange, near Goole, is one of 9 venues nationwide for From Farm to Fork, which gives kids the chance to experience a working farm and understand how what they see in the fields becomes their dinner!

Linda Crow, The Co-operative’s From Farm to Fork Project Leader at Goole, was delighted to celebrate the occasion with pupils and staff from the school. She said:

“Since we launched the project at Goole in 2008 it has been a huge success. Over the years both teachers and children, who have taken part in one of the From Farm to Fork days, have continually given us extremely positive feedback and we look forward to welcoming more children to enjoy this fantastic learning experience for many more years to come.”

Suzanne Moulson, Learning Links Worker at Broadacre Primary School, said: “Thank you for making us so welcome. A privilege that Broadacre Primary school had the 15,000 child to visit the farm and got to help with the celebrations.”

The day received a thumbs up from Jessica, 5, who said: "A nice lady called Linda taught us about growing vegetables and planting seeds, we had a picnic and then made pizzas, they were yummy, and I had lots of fun.”

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