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Schools take part in Biodiversity Tuesday!

20/03/2013 by Green Schools

Our schools take part in Biodiversity Tuesday

Hear what our schools have been doing for Biodiversity Tuesday, as part of our Green Schools Revolution Week 2013!

How did your pupils celebrate Biodiversity Tuesday? Keep checking back for more stories from schools taking part in Green Schools Revolution Week 2013.

Comberbach Primary School

Mrs Gregory, the Garden Project Leader at the school, told us about her enthusiastic Year 1 pupils:

“Despite the hail and rain, Comberbach Primary School Year 1 pupils used bird cards to identify a total of 10 birds in the gardens today, 4 different species, as part of the school’s Green Revolution Week and stuck them into their Garden Journal. They helped feed the birds with wild bird seed & fat balls.”

You can see a picture of the Journal to the right.

The green-fingered Year 1 class have also been encouraging pollinators in some creative ways! Mrs Gregory writes:They also planted wildflower seeds in their tractor tyre bed to encourage butterflies & bees to their Kitchen Garden and potted their vegetable and flower seedlings they have been growing in class for their raised bed. Pupils also helped with planting up a newly constructed raised bed made out of old pallets with strawberry runners grown last year as well as planting Jerusalem Artichokes in car tyre beds.”

Excellent work Comberbach Primary Year 1!

President Kennedy School

The Nature Club at President Kennedy School in Coventry managed to spot a thrush, some blackbirds, and a robin during Biodiversity Tuesday yesterday. That’s in addition to the seagulls hovering at break time!

Helen Coward, Gardening Co-ordinator at the school, told us that the students have a rota to ensure that there is always a plentiful supply of food for birds in the garden. They have also recently enjoyed making fat balls to feed the birds.

The pupils have also begun work on a bug wall this week. They truly are Habitat Heroes! We will be sending the pupils a poster to help them recognise British birds. Enjoy the rest of Green Schools Revolution Week at President Kennedy!