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Schools take part in Water Wednesday!

20/03/2013 by Green Schools

Our schools take part in Water Wednesday

Hear what our schools have been doing for Water Wednesday, as part of our Green Schools Revolution Week 2013!

Remember we have two water butts up for grabs today to help your school store rainwater in the school grounds. How are you celebrating Water Wednesday?

Water Wednesday at Hemsworth Arts & Community College

Creative juices are flowing at Hemsworth Arts & Community College today! We are very impressed with these two acrostic poems to celebrate Water Wednesday.

The boys in 7MGS

Wasting water is harming the planet
Always re-use it
Treat it with care
and respect
Everybody can help by:
Re-using, reducing and recycling

Written by 7fLt

Water is life
An essential
The thing we all need and will value
Rain is good – pitter patter!