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Green Schools Revolution Wins FSC Award

28/02/2014 by Green Schools

The award for "Outstanding Contribution to FSC" was presented by Charles Thwaites, Executive Director of FSC UK, and is given to organisations or businesses who, through a particular project or activity, promote responsible forestry within the UK. Previous winners have included M&S and the Royal Mail.

The Co-operative received the award for its "Ethical Logos" educational resource which was rolled out to over 6,000 primary and secondary schools through its Green Schools Revolution programme.

The new resource enables schools to teach 7 – 14 year-olds about the organisations behind ethical logos. Pupils can take a closer look at supply chains and understand the ethical impact of decisions made by consumers. Judges described the module as "helping to spread awareness to a wider audience in a fun and engaging manner."

Isabelle Bryan, Community Investment Adviser at The Co-operative, said: "The choices that consumers make can contribute to both a healthier lifestyle and environment and, we are delighted that our work to raise awareness of ethical logos has been recognised in this way."

Charles Thwaites, Executive Director of FSC UK, said:

"We have long believed that educating the young people of Britain about FSC is essential if we are to increase awareness of the tick-tree logo and drive demand for products from well-managed forests. Not only do children have the power to influence their family and friends when it comes to purchasing wood and paper products, they are also the consumers of tomorrow. To this end, we have developed a range of educational resources of our own but we have limited capacity to engage directly with schools. Our work with The Co-operative has enabled the FSC message to reach thousands of children across the country and, we applaud The Co-operative for taking such a lead in educating young people on ethical and environmental labelling."

Follow this link for more information about the Ethical Logos Resources.

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