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Hear from our lucky school trip winners!

18/07/2014 by Green Schools

As we near the end of the school term, we’d like to share some feedback from students and teachers on one of this year’s exciting projects. Back in October 2013 we ran a competition for our schools to win fully-funded days out at some of the most exciting science & discovery centres and heritage centres in the UK.

The 40 lucky winning schools have been enjoying activities as diverse as pond dipping, making Fairtrade chocolate, learning about the history of co-operation, and conducting green energy experiments.

Here are some words and thoughts from some of our winners...

Freya, 11, FIG Tree:

"I learned a lot more about Fair Trade and what they do. I liked all three activities but if I had to pick the one I liked most it would be the wrapper designing."

Arwen, 9, New Lanark:

"I had a great time in New Lanark today, and I learned lots. I think my favourite part was the Annie Mcleod ride but I liked it all. It was interesting finding out about the mill house!"

Lucy, 8, @Bristol:

"I had a wonderful day. I wish I could come again. I enjoyed learning about how electricity flows through our bodies, and I learned all about space! Thank you!"

Thomas, age 15, Rochdale Museum:

"I really enjoyed the trip today and I have learned a lot of interesting facts. The games and interactive parts were the best."

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