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In action: Beswick & Watton Primary School

03/07/2013 by Green Schools

The school have been members of Green Schools Revolution for two years and their amazing efforts won them Regional Winner for our North region this year!

The young eco champions at the school are getting busy with gardening and studying habitats.

Lottie, 10, says:

“I have been a member of the gardening club for ages, but since we started growing fruit and vegetables and using them to fundraise we have much better equipment and more plants to grow. The school looks really pretty now.”

And Jamie, 7, likes her bugs! She said:

“In the Eco Club we used the Green School Revolution ‘Minibeast Motel’ guide you sent us and we got some wooden pallets and straw and tiles and sticks and leaves and made our very own bug hotel, the bugs now have a nice warm home and somewhere to live. We have also built them a park out of rocks and spend time watching them.”

Samantha Lowey, Eco Co-ordinator at the school, writes about their Green Schools Revolution:

“We have created a dedicated Eco Team who meet once every half term to discuss ideas and projects, using suggestions from the other pupils and staff members.

Projects so far have included:

  • Creating a rota of monitors who keep a check on lights, taps, bins, plants etc.
  • Putting a compost bin put in all the classrooms to put in the children’s fruit peelings and uncooked lunchtime waste. Classroom compost is then put in the school compost bin outside by the ‘compost monitors’ to then be used on the school garden.
  • We have recycling bins in every classroom and the office for recycling paper plastics and metal. These are then emptied into our council recycling bin.
  • The pupils, staff and governors have all made pledges on a ‘promise leaf’ to be more environmentally friendly. These have then been used on a permanent display in the school.
  • We have had an Energy Dashboard installed on the computers which allows us to track our daily energy usage. This has been invaluable in demonstrating to the children the difference a left on light or computer can make to your energy consumption.

Using the seeds to attract bees sent to us in the Green Schools Revolution Week pack, the started children on a whole new line of thinking.

Having done some research into why we would want to attract bees, they have become fascinated with them and what they do for the world around us. We have made great use of the posters sent in displays relating to this and have done a whole topic on habitats.”

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