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In action: Copleston High School

27/01/2014 by Green Schools

September 2012 saw the start of a new and exciting project at Copleston High School in Suffolk.

As regional winners of our ‘What’s YOUR Green Schools Revolution?’ competition, we asked them to give us an update about the Memorial Garden that their award helped to fund.

Cindy Newey, Garden Project Leader at Copleston, said:

“We signed up for Green Schools Revolution because the website was full of inspiring ideas and helpful information, and the programme has since become a driving force in encouraging our students to live more sustainably and responsibly.

“Since winning their award pupils have had fun developing the allotment; growing fruit and vegetables with homemade pesticides and plant foods, and making water butts from large barrels donated by local businesses. Students were also invited to pledge an eco-friendly action, which they wrote on recycled paper in the shape of leaves and positioned on our eco-tree poster in the school reception.

“The tree attracted plenty of attention from all who visited, and it has helped our students apply their sustainability knowledge to their learning. In RE we have talked about being ‘Keepers of the Planet’, and in D&T classes, pupils designed water butts. We recycle and compost, and have even held a ‘Big Litter Pick’ at lunchtime.”

It sounds like Copleston High School is really helping spread the word about sustainability, and having a lot of fun too!

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