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In Action: Stratton Primary School

16/12/2013 by Green Schools

With the school year in full swing, we’re thrilled to have been contacted by so many schools requesting our free Walking Bus kits.

Stratton Primary School in Cornwall were recently crowned regional winners of our annual competition for their eco-travel expertise, and share their success story with us below.

The school’s efforts to get their pupils walking, scooting and cycling to class have been extremely successful thanks to the efforts of Sustainable Travel Co-ordinator Becky Rowland who keeps the momentum going.

Becky said:

“Stratton Primary had a vehicle congestion problem at the beginning and end of each school day owing to a large car park and single track driveway, and with an expanding catchment area, something had to be done.

With generous incentive donations from local businesses, the creation of three Park & Stride locations and The Co-operative’s donation of 50 high-viz jackets for our Walking Bus, we set about making green travel an easier choice for pupils and parents.”

Stratton challenged their Year 5 and 6 classes to complete 3,000 ‘Green Travel’ journeys in just ten weeks, as they thought the older pupils would be able to encourage younger siblings and their parents; and it worked!

They introduced a ‘Walk on Wednesdays’ scheme making use of their Walking Bus kit and petitioned the council to clean up a local bridleway connecting the school to lots of the children’s homes.

A visual Totaliser Tree helped pupils keep their target in site, and with the added incentive of weekly prize draws and awards, the goal was reached two weeks early!

With their £1,000 competition prize money the school bought some colourful scooter pods and new bike shelters for the children to store their eco-vehicles whilst in class.

Fancy following in their footsteps and setting up a Walking Bus? The Co-operative can help by providing a free high quality Walking Bus kit including high-viz vests for both adults and children, worth up to £1,000.

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