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Partner update: Solar Schools

13/02/2014 by Green Schools

As part of our "What's YOUR Green Schools Revolution?" competition we are working with several organisations who share our sustainability vision.

They’ll all be awarding ‘Best in Class’ prizes for great projects on our key themes. What projects are your pupils involved in that might catch their eyes?

Solar Schools – who are they?

The Solar Schools project is putting clean energy in classrooms all over the country - helping schools and pupils fundraise to buy their own solar panels. By installing solar, schools can use energy from the sun to power all sorts of things around the classroom - cutting your carbon footprint AND saving money on energy bills.

Can your pupils spot things around the classroom that could be powered by solar panels? With solar panels cutting your energy bills, what other green measures might your pupils like to spend money on?

Our resources

Why not use these Green Schools Revolution resources to spark off some energy debates in your classroom?

For more classroom activities about energy and science, follow this link and log in for primary school resources, and secondary teachers head here.

Run any interesting projects about renewable energy? Tell us when you enter our ‘What’s YOUR Green Schools Revolution?’ competition for your chance to win a share of the £18,000 prize fund. The deadline for entries is Friday 28 March – find out more details and download your entry form.

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