CYMB Selection Statement


The Co-operative Young Members’ Board (CYMB) is not part of our formal democratic structure and is not regulated in the same way. It has no formal constitutional responsibilities within the Society *

The CYMB are not asked to formally “represent’ young members in the way our elected members would be required. Rather they help us to understand a young member perspective during the development of products and services, campaigns and strategic discussions.

The CYMB role is to deliver their manifesto on behalf of our Group Executive and they work closely with our Group Board and Member Council on this overall goal and on projects set by the Member Council which relate to young people, as appropriate.

At this stage we believe a rigorous formal selection process allows us to ensure that the Board of 15  as a whole have the broadest range of backgrounds, ages, experiences and expertise that can help to provide a clear insight into the aspirations of as wide range of young people as possible.

{*} Two members of the CYMB has been appointed to the Member Council (at the Council request) to help to address the significant lack of younger members elected to the Council