Stand for election

What it’s like on the members’ council.

As a member you have the chance to elect other members to represent you in our Co-op, or you could take on the role.

If you’re not sure whether being on the council is for you, find out why 3 of our recently elected members decided to stand:

Lynne Hibberd
Yorkshire & The Humber

“I’ve 4 Co-ops within a mile of my home and they’re the place to be to find out what’s going on and have a chat, as well as doing the shopping of course. In this rural area they’re a real community hub, and while other support networks and public sector areas are under threat I want to do my bit to promote an alternative, ethical business model which has people at its heart. “I was prompted to stand by watching one of the videos online where a council member suggested
‘if you’re thinking of standing, you’re probably already in a good position to be doing it’. This bit of common sense helped me get over my nerves about not having the ‘right’ skills. I’m delighted, if a bit bewildered, to have been elected as a representative for Yorkshire and Humber and over my time on the Council I’ll be looking for ways to engage, support and encourage members to have their voices heard and to play active roles in their local communities.
“Other than meeting some lovely folk, highlights for me this year include taking part in a brilliant wine tasting event, visiting the Rochdale Pioneers’ Museum and passing my first assignment on how to understand financial information. The Co-op’s had a tough history and I’m excited to be part of it at this time of renewal when there's a real sense of optimism, progression and determination to do our best. I feel really welcomed and am proud to be part of the team.”

Richard Boudier

“This is such an exciting time for our Co-op, which is why I wanted to stand for the Member’s Council. It surprised me just how friendly and welcoming everyone at the Co-op has been since I joined. We all have a common goal, which is to make the Co-op, the business we own, as successful as possible to benefit our members and communities.
"Being able to hold our board and executives to account by asking them questions from local members, customers and fellow colleagues, really highlights how being on the council can benefit our Co-op.
“Furthermore, the training I’ve received since being elected to the Council has not only enabled me to be an effective representative but has also significantly benefited me personally in my everyday working life.
"I’m very proud to be elected to the member’s council and can’t wait for our journey ahead.”

Nicolette Ester

“I became a council member to represent the next generation of Co-operators, bringing fresh ideas and helping the Council engage with the Co-op’s growing number of young members.
“Being a council member is fantastic. It has given me the opportunity to represent the voices of young Co-op Members, ensuring projects specifically aimed at young people are high-priority for our executive team.
"As a council, we have a very ambitious 3-year plan which ultimately means putting members at the heart of the Co-op with our values and principles as the vital building-blocks for all our projects. We have a lot of work to do but all council members are united in striving to build a stronger business and make a difference for Co-op members”

Nominations for the 2017 Member Council elections will open on Wednesday 4 January.

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