Community Champion

What’s a Community Champion?

Your Co-operative Community Champions – helping you make a difference in your local areaYour Co-op Community Champion is here to help you support the local projects that mean the most to you and your area.

Community Champions are the first point of contact if you want to do something positive for your local area, and are based in Co-operative Food stores and Funeral homes at the heart of local communities.

How can they help you?

Your Community Champion will:

  • Talk through your ideas and help you bring your project, event or initiative to life
  • Provide tips on planning an event and getting other local people involved
  • Give you fun, creative ideas for fundraising

No matter how big or small your project is, Community Champions are on hand to help you make it a success.

How to contact your Community Champion

You can get in touch with your local Community Champion to fix up a time to discuss your great community ideas. They have a day job too so will get back to you as soon as they can!