Case study: Fundraising

  • Lindsay Robinson, Store Manager, Co-op Food, Gloucester Road in Bristol
  • Time commitment: three hours a week

Lindsay Robinson donating to local dogs’ homeLindsay Robinson, a Co-operative Leader, inspires her team to play an active role in the local community, supporting a number of projects that mean something to the colleagues who work in-store.

The team has just finished fundraising for the local dogs’ home, raising £100 to supply dog food. They’ve also supported the local Pride event with colleagues from Co-operative Funeralcare and the South West Membership Team, and helped with a school recipe book, which will be distributed to schools in the area.

Next on the list is the possible creation of a community garden and the support of summer events in St Andrew’s Park, behind the store.

Lindsay said:

“We hold regular community huddles where we discuss what’s happening. Many of my staff are local so we really try to call on everyone’s local knowledge and information of what’s happening and issues in the local community. Then we decide together what activities we want to try and support. I think one of the keys to success is that we don’t only help community groups but we also make it fun and my staff are happy to finish things off out of hours in their spare time.”

Lindsay’s top tips

  • Decide together the causes you want to support
  • Draw on the local knowledge
  • Plan well in advance