How to fundraise

Fundraising - with over 195,000 registered charities in the UK as an individual you can make a real difference by raising money for one of themYou might already have a charity in mind but need some advice on how to smash those sponsorship targets and make your fundraising event memorable. Here are some handy hints.

  • Ask close friends and family to get their names on the sponsor sheet or JustGiving page first as other people may then match their generosity.
  • Time your donation request for after payday when people are more likely to give.
  • Don’t forget to ask for Gift Aid as it means more money goes to your charity.
  • Give some perspective around a suggested donation eg £5 might mean not buying one bottle of wine.
  • Get friends and family on board to spread the word – they’ll help you fill your sponsor sheet.
  • Mention your fundraising event in your answerphone messages, email signatures, notice boards, anywhere you can!

Not sure where to start?

If you haven’t got that far and have no idea who to raise money for, with over 195,000 registered charities in the UK you have lots to choose from. There’s  no reason why you can’t split your fundraising between a couple. Here are  some websites that can help you search for a charity, or check they’re registered:

Fundraise while you’re doing other things

  • If you use eBay to sell things, you can donate some or all of the money to charity. Find out how to donate via Ebay
  • You can also use search engines that donate money each time you search. Try

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