In 2010, The Co-operative became the first supermarket to sell Fairtrade fresh blueberries, which came from South Africa.

The following year we sourced Chile’s first Fairtrade blueberries, from Apicoop co-operative and we’ve gone beyond Fairtrade to support Apicoop with additional benefits.

Apicoop - Chile

Apicoop was originally established as a bee-keepers co-operative producing honey, including for The Co-operative, but diversified into producing blueberries in 2007.

Our beyond Fairtrade investment is supporting Apicoop with improved infrastructure and agricultural machinery to help them manage their increasing volume of blueberries. Through a new packing facility, Apicoop is now able to pack its own blueberries, helping to add value to its product and return increased incomes to its members.

In addition, the investment is helping Apicoop to reduce its impact on the environment, and improve the welfare of its permanent and seasonal workers through new accommodation and sanitation facilities. In total, around 20,000 people in the wider community are benefiting from the project.

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