Other Fairtrade products

The Co-operative offers a wide range of Fairtrade products, including seasonal products, such as Fairtrade Easter Eggs. Here are some examples of over 250 different Fairtrade products that there are to try.

  • Roses

    In 2013, we converted all of our own-brand bunches of standard and single stem roses to Fairtrade. Perfect for treating that special someone!

  • Juice

    Our Fairtrade juices are sourced from all around the world - giving producers from South Africa to Costa Rica a sweeter deal!

  • Honey

    In 2006, we introduced jars of the same Fairtrade honey used to produce our Fairtrade Bumble Bee Ale. The honey is from Apicoop co-operative in Chile, which we also supported to diversify into Fairtrade blueberries.

  • Cotton

    In 2007, we launched the first Fairtrade cotton supermarket shopping bag. We were the first supermarket to switch its entire cotton wool range to Fairtrade. From cotton wool balls to cotton buds – pamper yourself the Fairtrade way!

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