The Co-operative sourced Malawi’s very first Fairtrade tea, and in 2008 we converted our entire range of own-brand tea to Fairtrade when we became the first supermarket to convert all hot drinks.

We've also gone beyond Fairtrade to support tens of thousands of tea smallholders, workers and their communities in Kenya and Malawi.

Fintea Growers Co-operative Union - Kenya

In a project which secured match-funding from the Department for International Development (DFID), we have supported over 11,000 tea smallholders in Kenya to form into co-operatives, become Fairtrade certified and supply into our 99 Fairtrade tea blend.

By organising into five producer co-operatives, overseen by the Fintea Growers Co-operative Union, the 11,000 farmers, half of which are women, are now benefiting from a stronger negotiating position and can collectively own and share the profits from the business, increasing the incomes of participating tea farmers by as much as 20%.

They are also being given the opportunity to diversify into other products to reduce their dependency on the volatile tea sector and improve household nutrition.

Satemwa Tea Estate - Malawi

We supported producers and their families living around the Satemwa Tea Estate in Southern Malawi, which also supplies into The Co-operative’s 99 tea. Through access to water and sanitation, hygiene education, energy efficient cook stoves, mosquito nets and agro-forestry training, we are helping to improve around 36,000 lives.

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