We've developed a wide-ranging collection of resources about Fairtrade and Enterprise. These engaging resources bring the Fairtrade story to life and help groups, communities and pupils explore the difference it makes to farmers and workers in developing countries.

Through case studies, pictures, videos, games and quizzes, explore the impact Fairtrade has on farmers and workers from co-operatives in Panama, Chile, Colombia, Kenya and the Dominican Republic.

Free resources for Fairtrade Fortnight 2016

  • www.growingstories.coop - visit our website today to join in conversations with producers who grow the Fairtrade products you love.
  • Booklet - featuring our amazing producers sharing stories about Fairtrade's impact on their communities
  • Quiz - bringing some of our favourite Fairtrade facts to life in a fun way for your group.
  • World map - showing where our Fairtrade producer communities are across the globe.
  • 'Tellfie' bubble - print off, write your message of support for Fairtrade and share on Twitter or Instagram at #growingstories. Take a handful along to your group and ask everyone to share!

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Fairtrade inspiration for Primary pupils includes:

  • Quiz – to help pupils review learning on Fairtrade and the difference it can make
  • Five case studies telling the story of how Fairtrade makes a difference for five workers around the world
  • Recipes, games, circle time activities and story sort
  • Scripts to help you run a Fairtrade play or assembly
  • Learn about co-operative values, encourage co-operative working and self- evaluation skills

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Engaging activities for Secondary students include:

  • Case studies and quizzes linking to Citizenship, PSHE and equivalents, Geography, History, and Business Studies curricula
  • A wealth of opportunities for students to use, build and reflect on their enterprise skills
  • A challenge for students to work together to plan and operate a school shop selling Fairtrade products
  • A Fairtrade marketing challenge, drawing on students’ creativity
  • Presenter notes so you can build your knowledge and find more information online

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Find out how we've gone beyond Fairtrade
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