A Fairtrade adventure

Amanda's Fairtrade adventure

Amanda is a British wine and travel writer based in South America. She's taken us on a journey of discovery to visit one of our biggest Fairtrade wine producers in South Africa. Watch the videos below or read more about Amanda further down.

Video 6: Amanda meets workers from Bosman Family Vineyard

Amanda meets the workers of Bosman and sees their vision for growing the vineyard for their workers and benefiting the entire community.

“What i’ve learnt this week is that Fairtrade [is] improving peoples everyday life, their relationships and their opportunities...Fairtrade money has improved not only their own lives but that of their family.”

Video 5: Amanda visits Bosman Family Vineyard

Amanda meets the harvesters and the people behind the Fairtrade wine we buy. She learns how being part of a co-ownership farm benefits the workers, their families and the wine they produce.

“Bosman’s philosophy is sharing the vineyard in a co-ownership program with their workers, and so everyone really is working together as a team and tying to get the best results for everyone, and the best results for the wine.”

Video 4: Amanda visits a Health clinic and After-school Club

Amanda speaks to a health worker about the changes since opening the heath centre building in October 2014 and the difference Fairtrade has made to the children’s further education.

"Just that extra five pence or ten pence that you're spending on the Fairtrade premium on each bottle of wine it's really going to a good cause, it's really making a big difference and when you speak to people here."

Video 3: Amanda visit after school Karate Club

Funded through Fairtrade sales the club helps to keep the children away from activities such as drug taking and sex abuse and instead has led to some of the children competing in the Commonwealth Games.

“It was really nice to see how Fairtrade is not just about the workers. It's about their children, it's about family, it's about community and it's about building up the entire village and town.”

Video 2: Amanda visits Pebbles Pre-School

Amanda visits a pre-school and meets some of the teachers and, of course, children who are benefiting as a result of funds from Fairtrade sales:

"It's been really inspiring to speak to the teachers and also to see the children engaging with each other and I think it's really exciting to see how it's shaping the commmunity."

Video 1: A welcome from Amanda

Meet Amanda and find out about what's she's looking forward to ahead of her trip to South Africa during Fairtrade Fortnight.

"What really is Fairtrade and how does it affect the wine we are drinking, and the people who make it? If you want to know, come with me on my journey to one of The Co-op’s biggest Fairtrade wine producers, Bosman Family Vineyards, in South Africa! Don’t forget your corkscrew!"

More about Amanda and her Fairtrade Adventure

After working as a journalist for newspapers at home,
Amanda headed to South America six years ago in search
of new adventures. You'd normally find her exploring the vineyards
of Chile and Argentina, where she is editor of The Squeeze Magazine and wine guide, Playground Buenos Aires magazine and writes for numerous international travel and wine publications. Read more about Amanda Barnes.

We wanted to create a unique way of getting a 'behind the scenes' view of Fairtrade wine, and the benefits that
Fairtrade brings over standard products.

Join Amanda on her trip where she will share her experiences from operations and production to the impacts across schools, transport, healthcare and much more.

A bit about Bosman, South Africa

Steeped in history, tradition and family, the 8th generation of Bosman Family Vineyards is one of South Africa’s oldest and most established wineries.

They have been a supplier of The Co-operative's Fairtrade wine since 2011.

Find out how we've gone beyond Fairtrade