Fairbourne Springs water projects

Fairbourne Springs - 1 million lives changed and counting. Our bottled water has raised £5 million for clean water projects in Africa.

Buy bottled water locally, fund clean water globally

Every time you buy a bottle of The Co-operative Fairbourne Springs own-brand water, you’re helping to fund clean water projects in Africa. Together, we’ve raised £5.7 million, bringing clean water to more than 1.3 million people!

Why is this issue important?

In the UK, we can take water for granted, but approximately one in ten people around the world still don’t have access to safe drinking water. This year, half a million children will die because of unsafe water and sanitation.

But clean water is more than just a health issue. Fetching water is often the task of women and children, and can take several hours a day. That’s time that then can’t be spent on earning money, growing food or going to school. And when you struggle to provide enough water for your family, you have little hope of raising animals or growing vegetables, as there simply isn’t enough water to spare.

What are we funding?

We’re working with the One Foundation, to install or mend water points in villages throughout Africa. For example, in Turkana, Northern Kenya, 250,000 people have been given access to clean water, thanks to our customers choosing Fairbourne Springs.

“Water is life and the whole family's life has been improved.” - Hilda

Meet some of the people benefiting from the money raised.

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We think our colleagues are superheroes for all the support they've given to help reach the £5m milestone. Here are some of our colleagues revealing their inner superhero posing with our new branded Fairbourne Springs bottled water.

How you can help

Meet some of the people benefiting from the money raised...

Hear directly how sales from our Fairbourne Springs bottled water are helping families in Africa:

Estery Dixon lives in Malawi and features on the new packaging for our Fairbourne Springs water.

Estery told us:

“I used to collect water from a stream at the bottom of the hill. It was a 90 minute return journey that I had to make twice a day, and the water was dirty. Now our family is healthier, so we save money on health costs.

I have more time to go to the maize mill and to work on my farm. My husband and I are working hard to see
our child through education to get a good job”.

Meet Ellisie Luke and Hilda Seze

EllsieEllisie and Hilda live in a village called Mtemaumo, in Southern Malawi. Their borehole had been broken for seven years, with no means of repairing it, meaning the 2,000 villagers, including almost 500 school children, had to walk a long way to access clean water.

With the help of the One Foundation, the village has finally been able to repair their borehole.

Hilda told us:

“The borehole means a lot. Before I had to go a long way to get water and then when I arrived, there would
be a big queue.

It was difficult to plan for the day and it was hard for my children to get to school on time. We used to wash our clothes and dishes in polluted water; the children would get diarrhoea.

Now my children’s health has improved a lot. Water is life and the whole family's life has been improved.

I can now grow more vegetables in my kitchen garden at home; we will be able to eat fresh vegetables every day and I might be able to sell some.”

Meet Joni

EllsieJoni Erukwan lives in Turkana, Northern Kenya. She told us:

"Before the borehole, we had no clean water for drinking. Our nearest water source was a 5km walk away.

Now that we have the borehole, we are also able to wash cooking utensils, clothes, and take regular baths. As a result of the borehole, we no longer suffer from diarrhoea and eye infections."

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