Supporting communities

Endangered spaces

We’ve always stood for something different. For our members and customers, we represent community and fairness. A business that genuinely cares about the world around it.

We’ve been talking to our members and people across the country to find out what matters most to them in their local communities. This has enabled us to develop our Community Wellbeing Index which is the first measure of wellbeing at a local level across all four nations of the UK.

The Index has helped us to identify areas that really help improve the overall wellbeing of communities. That's why we're supporting UK communities in three key areas through our Co-operate 2022 plan.

Protecting community space

Whether libraries, parks or other places, communities need common space to grow, and for people to come together to do the things that matter. As part of our Endangered Spaces, we'll work with local communities to protect, support and improve the spaces they value.

Increasing wellbeing

Mental and physical health is important to us all. We'll support local activities that promote wellbeing, and make it accessible to everyone.

Giving people skills

Communities succeed when they are sustainable. By making sure people have the skills they need to do the things that matter to them we can help communities stay together and grow stronger.

Steel warriors

Steel Warriors is a charity that takes confiscated knives, and turns them into outdoor gym equipment. Over the next year we're proud to be working with them to create 2 outdoor gyms in deprived areas of the UK where youth crime is an issue. By 2022, together, we hope to have created gyms in 20 locations. We're also going to sponsor local mentors wherever we build a gym to run training sessions and grow their community.