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Endangered spaces

Endangered spaces

Our shared spaces are under threat. As part of our community plan we’re partnering with Locality, the national network for community organisations to help save, improve and protect 2,000 spaces by 2022.

Do you want to help save a space? Simply fill out a short form and tell us about the local space you want to save.

Save a space

Find out the types of support available

  • the Co-op Foundation, is inviting community organisations to apply for funding to maximise spaces where people can connect and co-operate
  • a dedicated free advice service and a guide from our partner Locality on how to get started (PDF, 21 pages, 352 KB
  • our Co-op Member Pioneers, who will be able to provide the support and advice you need to protect the spaces that matter to you

See what we've been doing so far to save endangered spaces

Read the endangered spaces report for more information

Our recent report into communities and spaces highlighted that over 16,000 of these community gathering points are under threat.

Our Community report gives an insight into what matters to people in their local community. Discover the scale of the endangered spaces issue by reading the report.