Frequently Asked Questions

Co-op Presale

How do I register for the Co-op presale for Olivia Rodrigo – GUTS World tour tickets?

Registration has now closed. Registration closed at 10pm on Sunday 17 September. Tickets go on sale this week to those that have registered. If any tickets become available after the Presales and Registration Sale have taken place, they will be available to buy on Keep an eye out on the website for availability.

Why isn’t there a general sale for the public?

Artists choose to use registration to help block bots, reduce resale and get more tickets directly into the hands of real people who want to attend the show. Ultimately, artists decide when and how to put their tickets on sale, including whether or not there should be registered sales. When artists choose to use registration, anyone can register free of charge. All you have to do is register before the registration closes.

How do I access the Co-op presale?

  • If successful, you’ll receive an email on Tues 19 September with a link to purchase your tickets when the presale goes live.
  • Prior to 10:00 Weds 20 September sign into your Ticketmaster account in advance. Make sure the email matches what you registered with and that you know your password or reset it ahead of time.
  • Have your email open with the link emailed to you to access the Co-op presale.
  • You can join the waiting room up to 30 minutes before the presale begins. Click the link you were sent in the email at the appropriate time.
  • You will be asked to log in to join the queue, remember to use the same email address that you registered with.
  • Only Ticketmaster accounts linked with emails that have been assigned can join the presale. Stay within one browser window. Opening multiple windows or tabs may result in errors.
  • You will be randomly assigned a place in the queue.
  • You can purchase up to 4 tickets for the show via the link you received.

Can I register for the Co-op Presale and the Registration Sale?

Yes, but you will need to register twice.

Can I access the Registration Sale if I registered for the Co-op Presale?

If you signed up twice, you will need to look out for an email from Ticketmaster to see if you were successful in the Registration Sale. If you only signed up for the Co-op Presale then you will not have access to the Registration sale, and visa versa.

Can I access the Co-op Presale if I registered for the Registration Sale?

If you signed up twice, you will need to look out for an email from Co-op Live to see if you were successful in the Presale. If you only signed up for the Ticketmaster Registration Sale then then you will not have access to the presale, and visa versa.

Does registering guarantee I will be able to purchase a ticket?

Registering your email does not guarantee you’ll be able to purchase tickets. When the queue opens you will be randomly allocated a place in the queue to buy tickets.

Do I have more of an opportunity to get a ticket the earlier I register?

No. The selection process is random, and registering as soon as the window opens doesn’t increase the odds of getting access.

I have access requirements; how do I register for tickets?

You should follow the registration process above and purchase accessible tickets on Ticketmaster. Visit our accessibility FAQs for more details.

What are the age restrictions for the event?

Anyone aged 14 or under must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over. Anybody under the age of 16 is not permitted in the standing area. Please note that the venue has a right to remove or re-seat, if possible, any child who appears to be under the age of 16 for safety purposes.

What is the ticket limit?

You can buy up to 4 tickets per household for each event date.

Why can't I access the presale:

I registered but didn’t get an email confirmation for my registration

Don't worry, submitting the form means that you have registered. No e-mail confirmation will be sent for the Co-op Member presale. Please note, this is separate to the registration sale through Ticketmaster, for which you will be sent a confirmation e-mail.

I registered and never received an email with the link? Registering doesn’t guarantee that you will be selected to participate in the sale. Please note, we expect there will be more demand than there are tickets available. A limited number of randomly selected fans will get access to the sale, and others may be put on a waitlist. Keep an eye on your email.

If you registered and visited the presale via the link you were provided, but it’s not working, try checking these things first.

Make sure the event is on sale, you can’t purchase until event is on sale. You must be signed in with the same email address you used to register for the ticket sale to be let in the queue.

What happens if I’m on the waiting list?

There are often far more fans registered than there are tickets available, and in that case more fans are placed on the waitlist than are randomly selected for access. Sometimes, if there are tickets available, additional fans will be randomly selected from the waitlist to receive access to the sale. In that case, fans will receive an email and purchase link. Your notification may come at any time after tickets go on sale.

Are tickets for this event personalised?

No, tickets for the Olivia Rodrigo – GUTS World tour are not personalised, meaning no identification will be asked upon entry.

Can I buy tickets for someone else?

Yes, you can buy tickets for somebody else. Please note Ticket Transfer will not immediately be activated after the on sale as there will be a delayed delivery for this event. This means you can’t forward tickets to somebody else.

What are the prices and ticket types for this event?

Prices are determined by the Event Organizer and depend on artist, event and venue. Prices will not always be published prior to the presale or on sale. In some instances, the Event Organizer price tickets according to their market value. These tickets do not include VIP packages and pricing is subject to change. Prices will appear on the event page once the registration presale has started.

Are VIP packagers available for this event?

Olivia Rodrigo – GUTS World tour is offering VIP experiences. To purchase VIP tickets, you need to be registered and selected to take part in the on sale. More details will be published soon.

Are Platinum tickets available for this event?

Yes, Olivia Rodrigo – GUTS World tour is offering Platinum Tickets. To purchase Platinum tickets, you need to be registered and selected to take part in the on sale. The Platinum program enables market-based pricing (adjusting prices according to supply and demand) for live event tickets, similar to how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold. The goal is to give fans fair and safe access to the best tickets, while enabling artists and other people involved in staging live events to price tickets closer to their true market value.

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