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Food planner - May 2021 hero. Feta and olive pasta

Even with lockdown easing, the school holidays are here and many of us are still spending time at home. But there’s lots you can do to serve up a variety of budget-friendly, summery meals that keep everyone full and happy. Download our food planner to take the stress out of meal planning and follow our tips to fill it in with inspiring recipes.

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Start the day with a simple breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but try and keep it simple during the week with fruit, yoghurt, on-the-go smoothie or porridge with a tasty topping. Then treat yourself at the weekend to your favourite egg dish or even a full English.

Let's do lunches

Need inspiration if you’re having lunch at home or want to enjoy something on the go? Make sure you’ve bought the basics: soups, wraps and bread for sandwiches. Then mix things up every day with different fillings, toppings or dressings. Or batch cook a smoky sweetcorn soup if you’re planning a return to the office.

Winning dinners

When you’re planning summer menus there are lots of great dinner recipes to choose from. We've got ideas that are full of seasonal colour that can be enjoyed in the garden as well as your house. Why not try one of our recipes below or get more inspiration by browsing our full dinner recipe collection?

Summertime desserts

End your meal with these sweet treats that are guaranteed to get everyone beaming like the sun on a beautiful summer’s day.

Delicious drinks

The hotter summer weather is a time of celebrations and gatherings and we’re likely to be looking for drinks that keep us cool and quench our thirst. These simple suggestions will hit the spot every time.

Drinks recipes