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warm squash and spinach salad

It’s a busy time of year as many of us spend our days working hard in offices, schools and universities. Download our food planner to take the stress out of meal planning and save time in the evenings. Follow our tips to fill your planner with inspiring recipes that reflect the comforting food we enjoy eating in October.

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Start the day with a simple breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but try and keep it simple during the week with fruit, yoghurt, on-the-go smoothie or porridge with a tasty topping. Then treat yourself at the weekend to your favourite egg dish or even a full English.

Let's do lunches

Make sure you’re enjoying a proper lunch to keep you going through a busy day of working or studying. It only takes a little time to make something delicious to take with you rather than grabbing food on the go. Try these tasty recipes and keep yourself energised for the rest of the day.

Winning dinners

Looking for clever ideas to fill stomachs this October? Busy days require quick and easy meal solutions that can be made into lunches, quickly reheated or saved in batches. Get more inspiration by browsing our full dinner recipe collection.

October desserts

Get mixing, stirring and baking to rustle up some delicious puddings that round off your evening meals or provide a little treat earlier in the day. We’ve also thrown in a few recipes ideal for Halloween parties.

Delicious drinks

As autumn really gets going we’re looking for drinks to bring the flavour but also give us a burst of warmth during chilly nights. These simple suggestions are guaranteed to revive your spirits every time.

Drinks recipes