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Spicy confit pepper

Even when ingredients are harder to come by, there’s lots you can do to make the most of your supplies and keep meals interesting. Download our food planner to take the stress out of weekly menus and follow our tips to fill it in with inspiring recipes.

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Helping you to organise meals, reduce food waste and excite everyone’s taste buds.

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Start the day with simple breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but try and keep it simple during the week with fruit, yoghurt or porridge with a tasty topping. Then treat yourself at the weekend to your favourite egg dish or even a full English.

Let's do lunches

Make sure you’ve bought the basics: soups, salads, bread for sandwiches and baked potatoes. It means you can mix things up every day with different fillings, toppings or dressings so lunch never gets boring.

Winning dinners

Spag bol or cottage pie? When you buy items such as mince in bulk (look out for our offers) it means you can make different things using the same core ingredient. These recipes follow the same idea.

Just desserts

Use the weekend to get your bake on and entertain the kids in the kitchen. Together, you’ll be able to rustle up something special for a Sunday or a few treats that could last you throughout the week.