Carrier bags


Plastic pollution is a threat to our environment, and carrier bags are one of the biggest culprits.

We've been working hard for more than 10 years to reduce how many single use carrier bags we give out in our stores, and give you more choice of alternative, reusable bags made from recyclable materials.

We've reduced single-use polythene bag numbers nationwide by 95% since 2006

How we've done it

We removed carrier bags from the front of our checkouts and kiosks and at the same time made our reusable and recyclable bags easier for you to find in store.

We've also trained our colleagues in understanding why reducing carrier bag usage is important and how to encourage our customers to re-use bags.

We now offer you a range of carrier bags to you, suited to your needs:

Compostable bag

Where local councils offer food waste collections

Single use carrier bags for 5p

Where compostable bags aren't available, and recyclable at bins in larger Co-ops

Fold away bag

Use 40 times to improve on the environmental impact of a single-use carrier

Re-usable shopper

Available in 2 sizes, use 52 times to improve on the environmental impact of a single-use carrier

Bag for life

A re-usable plastic bag, 80% manufactured from recycled packaging plastic from our stores.

Recycled bags for life

For the past few years our store colleagues have been separating the polythene from the packaging that keeps our products safe in transit and returning it to be recycled.

At least 80% of each of our bags for life is now made with this recycled plastic.

The Carrier Bag Levy

To help reduce single-use carrier bag usage, the Government introduced a levy on every sale of carrier bags in England, Scotland and Wales. We donate this to local causes across the UK through our Local Community Fund - helping improve communities across the UK.

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