Saving food, cutting waste

Food waste

Each UK household throws away nearly £500 worth of food each year. We're doing all we can to prevent food waste in our stores and help you reduce food waste in your home.

Follow these simple steps at home to help you reduce food waste

Don't go to the shop without knowing what you're going to buy - add things you need on your phone or on a pad in the kitchen through the week so you always have a shopping list to hand, and take a photo of your fridge before you go to the shop so you don't double up on things you already have

Buy things that will go together to make a meal rather than random ingredients that you don't know what you'll do with - browse our recipes for meal ideas

Things like mince or cans of tomatoes can be used in more than one dish, plan your weekly meals so that you use them the following day

Use your freezer: as well as leftover meals, milk, bread, par-boiled potatoes, herbs and even eggs can call be frozen

Check packets carefully - as well as use by dates you can find handy storage, cooking tips and portion advice on Co-op products


We work through our supply chain to make sure we waste as little food as possible. Since 2013 we've partnered with FareShare to distribute surplus fruit, vegetables, ready meals and chilled items from our depots to community groups helping vulnerable people across the UK. So far we've given away over 3m meals and counting.