Packaging and recycling

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Packaging has a place, it protects our food and keeps it fresher and safe for longer. We want to keep plastics and packaging out of the oceans by using less and making our products easy to recycle. Find out what we’re doing to make a difference.

How we've made a difference

Milk bottle tops

Our milk bottle tops are a shade lighter, making it easier for recycle machines to sort them.

Meat packaging

Our cooked meat packaging is made with single material, making it easier to recycle and saving 163 tonnes of plastic from landfill.

Pizza trays

In 2017, we introduced new, corrugated cardboard pizza discs preventing 200 tonnes of polystyrene boards going to landfill per year.

Tomato trays

670k packets of cherry and baby plum tomatoes have been moved into cardboard saving 68 tonnes of plastic per year.

Mushroom pots

Our mushrooms don’t come in black packaging anymore so they can be easily recycled.

Tissue boxes

Our tissue boxes are fully made from FSC paper, without plastic so they can be recycled.

Help the environment with these easy tips

  1. Remember to take reusable bags when you go shopping
  2. Rinse your packaging, this removes any residue to make sure it can be recycled
  3. Use your green Co-op compostable carrier bag for food waste

Making our GRO range more affordable for everyone

We don’t think plant-based foods should cost more than non-vegan food. Learn how we’re reducing the price of our GRO range to match that of our meat and dairy-based counterparts.

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Our story so far

We've always been at the forefront of removing hidden plastic and unnecessary packaging, moving from 46% of our products being easy to recycle to 78%. Over the past two years, we’ve removed 331 tonnes of plastic from our fresh produce and horticulture lines. We've done many other plastic reduction projects outside of produce totalling 1,438 tonnes. Our reliance on virgin or ‘new’ plastic has been greatly reduced and we now use almost 37% recycled content across our own-brand packaging.

Most recently, we launched a 10-point plan showing our pathway to achieving net zero by 2040. From packaging to power and pension fund investments, the plan details how Co-op will reduce the impact of our operations and products across businesses.