Responsible sourcing

We work hard to make sure the ingredients we use in our products are sourced as sustainably as possible, protecting people and the planet. We’ve worked with stakeholders to identify our 30 key ingredients – allowing us to focus actions on those with the greatest sourcing risks.


95% of the wood and paper in our products comes from certified sustainable forests, or is recycled, and we were the first retailer to graudate World Wildlife Fund's UK Forest and Trade Network.

Palm oil

All our palm oil is certified by one of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil schemes, meaning we're part of the fight against deforestation of tropical forests for palm oil plantations.

Read our policy on palm oil.


We cover 100% of our soy footprint with Round Table on Responsible Soy credits, fighting deforestation, and we're working with farmers in our food chain to make sure that all soy in animal feed will be sustainably sourced by 2025.

Read about our Soy committment and future plan.


We keep pesticide usage to a minimum and restrict or ban the use of known harmful pesticides by our growers.


We use sustainable energy from renewable resources wherever we can meaning we've cut our carbon emissions by 54% since 2006. We've made our stores much more energy efficient with simple changes such as putting doors on our fridges and switching our lights to LED bulbs.

Farms and animal welfare

We support farms in our farming groups to use sustainable best practices, and we're committed to keeping Britain farming.

We work with FAI (Food Animal Initiative), an independent consultant, to review our livestock standards, welfare reporting, and to give guidance on our research into key animal welfare issues.

Future of food

Our Future of Food ambition looks at how we tackle sustainability challenges up to the year 2030. Everyone has a part to play because together, we can make a difference.

Sourcing and creating with care

All of our products will be created with respect for people and the planet and made with quality and sustainability at their heart. You should know where your food comes from and be able to make healthier and more sustainable choices.

Treating people fairly

People are at the heart of everything we do and those who make our food are facing uncertainty when it comes to the economy and the environment. That’s why we want a fair deal and resilient livelihood for everyone in our supply chain.

Learning and celebrating together

What people do at home and on the go has a major impact in the future of food. We’ll work with our members, customers and future generations to identify what matters most and how to drive change together and create sustainable solutions that work every day.

From launching Future of Food in 2018, we have made significant progress on our goals to 2030 - from how we source and create Co-op products, to how we treat people in our supply chains and work together with members and customers to make choices that are better for the planet easier. We have so much to be proud of- so take a look at our Future of Food 1 year on summary for all the highlights.

Read our full Future of Food policy to find out exactly what we’re planning to do from now until 2030 to meet the challenges we all face.