About the Experience Library

Here you'll find information on what our Experience Library is, what we’re working on and what we’re planning to work on.

What our Experience Library is for

Our customers expect Co-op products and services to be:

  • reliable
  • easy to use
  • trustworthy

We’ve got to meet that expectation - and, if we can, exceed it too.

Our Experience Library is here to help us create accessible customer experiences that:

  • feel consistent
  • look good
  • work well for everyone

We’re making the Experience Library a place where you’ll be able to find clear and comprehensive guidelines around how we create, communicate and design at Co-op.

This should mean more of our colleagues can do their best work, more quickly and easily than before. That saves Co-op time and money.

And being able to create better, more consistent experiences for our customers should mean they always get what they need from us. So they’ll continue to choose Co-op.

What you can expect from the Experience Library

The Experience Foundations team began working on the Experience Library in April 2021.

It's a work in progress so you’ll find some things are missing at the moment.

We’ll keep updating the website with new content.

We decide what to work on and in what order based on user needs and research.

If you can’t find the information you were looking for in the Experience Library, try our support channel on Slack - #experience-library-support. Co-op Digital colleagues only.

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