Last reviewed: 24 June 2021



There are several communities working on accessibility, inclusion and diversity at Co-op.

Co-op colleagues can join these groups, and find their contact details, through Yammer.

Accessibility champions network

Accessibility champions promote accessibility in their teams and disciplines. They also host a guest speaker a few times a year.

Accessibility Champions on Yammer.


Represent is a network for disabled colleagues and allies. They offer support and guidance, and host events and discussions.

Represent Network on Yammer.


Rise network is dedicated to supporting a diverse and inclusive culture. They amplify the benefits of ethnic diversity through education and sharing real-life colleague experiences.

Rise Network on Yammer.


Aspire is a network for women and allies. They offer support and guidance, and host events and discussions.

Aspire Network on Yammer.

Respect LGBTQ+

Respect is Co-op’s LGBTQ+ colleague network. They raise awareness about policy developments and educate colleagues about LGBTQ+ challenges and achievements.

Respect on Yammer.

Co-op diversity and inclusion

The diversity and inclusion team share regular updates and events about inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion team on Yammer.

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