Last reviewed: 24 June 2021


Find out if something is accessible

It can be hard to know where to start with accessibility testing. These processes may help:

Critical accessibility testing framework

You can use the framework to test a common user journey or a new component.

The board provides instructions on how to do automated and manual tests to find the most critical accessibility issues. This can help you to find the barriers that could stop people using something, and what you need to do to remove them.

Go to the critical accessibility testing Miro board.

Accessibility review template

The review template sets out how to assess a product or service for accessibility. It's based on a critical accessibility test and a series of tests with users of different assistive technology. Through testing and user research, find what the major barriers to using the service are, and which standards are not met.

You can then document your findings in this template.

Go to the accessibility review template board.


PDFs are often not accessible. They make it hard for assistive technology users to follow and get the information from them.

The UK government have said PDFs are not a format everybody can access.

Try to avoid using PDFs and use web pages instead wherever possible.

Go to the SEO guidelines on PDFs.

Tools and resources

Find tools to help with accessibility testing on our tools and resources page.

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