Last reviewed: 24 June 2021


Research with people with access needs

The best way to find accessibility issues and barriers is to put your design, prototype, product or service in front of people with access needs and ask them about it.

Policy guidelines

Co-op’s accessibility policy states that 1 in 5 research participants must be people with an access need.

By doing this we:

  • make sure that everyone can access Co-op digital services including our website, communications and resources
  • consider digital accessibility at every stage of products and service development at Co-op
  • constantly review and improve everything we build and develop


Co-op works with Fable, a provider of user research and accessibility testing. Fable has a community of disabled people who use various types of assistive technology. You can arrange research interviews and other tests with people from this community within a few days of sending a request.

To get access to Fable, email

Co-op accessibility panel

The Digital Products and Design team are getting a panel of colleagues together to be involved in research who are:

  • living with a disability, condition or illness
  • consider English as their second language

This is to help make sure that everyone can access Co-op services.

You can:

  • apply to be part of panel.
  • speak to your user researcher to arrange research with members of the panel (currently digital product teams only)

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