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Browser and device support

Co-op products and services must be accessible. This means they must work on every browser or device that people access it on.


This page provides a guide on how to support browsers and devices for users.

The information here is a starting point. Use statistics from your own research to make sure you have the right browser and device support in place for your product or service.

Try to give as consistent an experience as possible across browsers and devices. However, some differences are unavoidable.

Products and services do not need to be identical in every browser or device but users must be able to access and use all the information and features they need.

Use new technology and the latest features and apply them in a way that allows users who do not have these features to access the content.

Browsers and devices to support and test in
Device Operating system Browser Browser version
Apple desktop Latest 2 Google chrome Latest 2
Safari Latest 2
Firefox Latest 2
Windows desktop Latest 2 Edge Latest
Internet Explorer 11
Google chrome Latest 2
Firefox Latest 2
Apple iPhone Latest 2 Safari Latest
Safari in-app Latest Facebook and Twitter versions
Apple iPad Latest 2 Safari Latest
Safari in-app Latest Facebook and Twitter versions
Android Latest 2 Samsung internet Latest
Google chrome Latest

What supported means

For browsers and devices in the table:

  • all content must be readable and usable
  • all functionality must work
  • differences in the presentation of content must be kept to a minimum
  • the CSS (where used) must be rendered by supported web browsers that present a fully-styled version of the page
  • pages should be developed to maximise the user experience for the browser that has the highest proportion of users

Do your own browser and device research

When designing your product, you should analyse and support your users’ choice of:

  • operating systems
  • browsers
  • browser versions
  • screen sizes/resolutions
  • mobile devices

You must also support:

  • browsers and devices with usage of over 2% of the total
  • instances where there are technical or internal restrictions on what must be used to access the product or service

How to test browsers and devices

For manual browser and device testing we use a range of devices and Browserstack.

Accessibility testing

You’ll also need to make sure your product or service works with assistive technology.

Go to our guidelines on accessibility testing.

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