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Co-op logo

The Co-op Cloverleaf Symbol was first created in 1968. Today we use a modernised version of it.


For digital products and services, the logo must:

  • be 38 pixels in width and 40 pixels in height
  • be an SVG (scalable vector graphic) so it shows up clearly on all devices
  • be in the top left corner of the webpage so it acts as a consistent signpost
  • only be used once per page (not including when it's used in images)
  • be ‘Co-op blue’ colour when used in the header
  • have invisible padding around it to creates a tappable area that’s large enough to meet our accessibility standards for touch target size

You can sometimes use the Co-op logo in white on a ‘Co-op blue’ background, for example on app or homescreen icons.

You can use images containing the logo, for example, product images.

Go to the guidelines on colours.


Co-op logo with the purple line around it indicating keyboard focus is applied
The logo with the focus ring applied. The invisible padding increases the touch target size.
Co-op logo in the main header used at correct size and in the correct position
The logo used at the correct size in the header.
Screenshot of the Co-op app icon on an iPhone screen
The Co-op app icon.
Co-op logo printed on a carrier bag
An image of the Co-op logo on a carrier bag on the Co-op app.

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