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Confirmation page

Confirmation pages tell people when they have successfully completed a task and what the next steps are, if any.


Use confirmation pages to tell a user they have completed a task or transaction and what will happen next.

For example, if someone submits a form direct them to a page that clearly confirms the submission. This is to reassure people that we have received the information they sent and let them know what we are going to do.

A confirmation page should include:

  • a clear confirmation of what has been submitted or completed
  • a reference number if there is one
  • what will happen next and when

If possible give people a way to record the completion of the task. This could be by downloading a copy of the confirmation, helping them bookmark the page (if it will remain accessible) or sending an email with the relevant details.


Holiday approved

You must give [First name] a record of your decision.

Print or forward the confirmation email that has been sent to your store.

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